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Improve academic and study skills. Increase motivation and self-confidence.

Rawson Saunders tutors provide personalized and individualized tutoring services to students to improve their academic and study skills as well as their motivation and self-confidence. Exceptionally well-qualified master tutors plan and provide lesson activities that are based on the student’s specific needs.

Specifically-trained instructors are available to tutor in the subject areas of Academic Language Therapy, Early Literacy, Executive Coaching, Mathematics, and Writing. Multisensory instruction is used across all areas, including instruction in essential language skills for students receiving Academic Language Therapy. Tutors communicate with families regarding the educational content of tutoring sessions and provide quarterly reports of student progress.

Tutoring placements and quarterly schedules are determined according to student needs and availability in combination with tutor availability and subject area expertise. Tutoring sessions are typically one hour in length.

Email tutoring@rawsonsaunders.org or call 512-476-8382.

Tutoring Services


Academic Language Therapy is a proven approach to help students learn to read by capitalizing on their strengths while providing individualized, structured instruction tailored to meet their learning needs. ALT is a systematic, multisensory, phonics-based approach to teaching reading, writing, and spelling. Students are instructed by specially trained, nationally certified Academic Language Therapists in phonemic awareness, letter recognition, decoding, spelling, fluency, comprehension, handwriting, vocabulary, and oral and written expression. Students may additionally work with Latin and Greek roots, advanced vocabulary, and metacognitive strategies for reading and writing. 

We also have tutors-in-training. Contact us for more information: tutoring@rawsonsaunders.org.

Early Literacy

Most children entering Kindergarten have had practice with rhyming and other wordplay activities. Many have even begun to learn letter names and sounds. For children who have had opportunities to engage in this learning but are not catching on, early intervention is critical.  In our Early Literacy sessions, we provide structured activities that promote the foundational skills for reading.  Children interact auditorily with the words, syllables, and sounds of our language; they learn to name and sequence the letters of the alphabet, and they build oral language skills through unit studies.  Once these foundational skills are intact, children are ready to benefit from direct, explicit, and systematic reading instruction.

Executive Coaching

Executive Functioning has been described as the conductor of the brain's orchestra (Brown, 2005), and it coordinates the cognitive skills students need to be successful at school. These skills develop from birth through early adulthood. Many students have not yet developed the EF skills necessary to manage today's demands of rigorous curricula and overloaded schedules. Whether students need to develop skills for organizing their time and materials, goal-setting and prioritizing, or taking notes in and out of class, our executive coaches provide explicit instruction in effective, repeatable strategies to help students be more successful in their academic and home settings.


Our multisensory math instruction emphasizes deep conceptual understanding. First, concepts are introduced at the concrete level with manipulatives, then expanded upon with pictorial representations, and ultimately problems are solved at the abstract level. Number sense strategies help students achieve fluency with basic facts, and a model-drawing approach helps students systematically solve word problems with confidence.


Writing, the most difficult of all literacy tasks, can be extremely challenging for students with language-based disorders like dyslexia and dysgraphia. Our approach to tutoring for writing can include work on handwriting, spelling, and composition. For handwriting, we use a research-based hierarchy of multisensory activities to help students learn and develop fluency with the strokes of individual letters. Through our spelling program, students learn to apply the reliable patterns and rules that govern the spelling of our language. Students working on written composition learn to employ a process to generate, organize, compose, revise, and edit well-structured sentences and paragraphs for a variety of narrative and expository formats.

When you want more than tutoring for your child

Accredited by AdvancED and IMSLEC, Rawson Saunders is the only full-curriculum school in central Texas for children with dyslexia. Our school is recognized nationally as a leader in innovative teaching methods tailored specifically to the way dyslexics learn. Through individualized, multisensory, research-driven instruction within small class sizes, Rawson Saunders provides a nurturing and academically challenging environment through which bright students with dyslexia can develop to their fullest potential.