Tutoring Services

Rawson Saunders tutors provide personalized and individualized tutoring services to students to improve their academic and study skills as well as their motivation and self-confidence.

Exceptionally qualified master tutors plan and provide appropriate lessons and activities that are based on each student’s specific needs. Multisensory instruction is used across all areas, including instruction in essential language skills for students receiving Academic Language Therapy.

Tutoring placements and quarterly schedules are determined according to student needs and availability in combination with tutor availability. Tutoring sessions are typically one hour in length.

Please note that we are operating on a waitlist for all tutoring services. 


Tutoring Subjects



Requesting Tutoring

If you are ready to request Rawson Saunders tutoring services, please follow the directions below to create an account and submit your information. Please note that we are operating on a waitlist for all tutoring services.  

  • Please follow this link to set up your account
  • Once your account is set up, you will be sent an email to set your password
  • After your password is set, login at secure.tutorcruncher.com/rawson-saunders/login
  • Once you are logged in, click "Dashboard" from the left navigation
  • Click the blue "Edit" button under the profile picture
  • Complete all fields on this page
  • Next, click "My Students" from the left navigation
  • Click "+Create New Student" and complete all the fields on this page

Once we have received all of your information in your completed profile, our Tutoring Team will reach out to you with next steps regarding scheduling sessions for your student. Contact us at tutoring@rawsonsaunders.org with questions. 


When you want more than tutoring for your child

Accredited by AdvancED and IMSLEC, Rawson Saunders is the only full-curriculum school in central Texas for children with dyslexia. Our school is recognized nationally as a leader in innovative teaching methods tailored specifically to the way dyslexics learn. Through individualized, multisensory, research-driven instruction within small class sizes, Rawson Saunders provides a nurturing and academically challenging environment through which bright students with dyslexia can develop to their fullest potential.