Support Services

In addition to the extraordinary education that the Rawson Saunders School provides, we also offer a variety of evaluations, consultations and tutoring support for any student in grades K-12. 

Psychoeducational Evaluations and Consultations

Getting the answers you need.

Rawson Saunders offers complete psychoeducational testing and consultations by licensed and certified specialists. Psychoeducational evaluations are the clinical standard for identifying specific learning differences. The testing also provides an understanding of the degree of impact those differences may have on the student’s success in school, as well as important insight into the student’s strengths and gifts. The results of a psychoeducational evaluation can determine the kinds of remediation and accommodations a student should receive in an educational setting. 

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Please email or call 512-476-8382 for more information. To schedule an initial consultation for a psychoeducational evaluation, please click here.

Tutoring Services

The right help for your child.

Rawson Saunders tutors provide personalized and individualized tutoring services to students to improve their academic and study skills as well as their motivation and self-confidence. Exceptionally qualified master tutors plan and provide appropriate lessons and activities that are based on each student’s specific needs. Multi-sensory instruction is used across all areas, including instruction in essential language skills for students receiving Academic Language Therapy. Tutors communicate with families regarding the educational content of tutoring sessions and provide quarterly reports of student progress. Tutoring placements and quarterly schedules are determined according to student needs and availability in combination with tutor availability. Tutoring sessions are typically one hour in length.

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Email or call 512-476-8382 for more information. Please note that Rawson Saunders' tutoring is currently operating on a waitlist.