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The Grandparent Society recognizes Rawson Saunders’ loyal and generous grandparents who have given any size gift to the school through the Rawson Saunders Fund, Spring Gala, Capital Campaign, or other special gifts during the previous or current school year.

By making a gift every year, in any amount, our Rawson Saunders grandparents can help build upon our legacy of providing an extraordinary education for children with dyslexia and directly impact the success of our students.

Grandparent Society benefits include:

  • Recognition in the annual report

  • Special name tag recognition at Grandparents Day

  • Special invitation to annual events

  • Subscription to Rawson Saunders email newsletter

Join the Grandparent Society by making your gift one of three ways:

1. Mail your donation to:

Rawson Saunders School
Attn: Rawson Saunders Fund
2614 A Exposition Blvd.
Austin, TX 78703

2. Give online at:

3. Call (512) 476-8382 to give by phone.

For more information about the Grandparent Society and other ways to give, contact


Rawson Saunders Grandparent Society

Carmel & Thomas Borders

Velda Wyche

Pamela & Michael Reese

Kay & Tim Bradley

Carol & Michael Williamson

Barbara Schriever

Mike & Pete Mankins

Rene Haas & David Perry

Larry West

David Turrentine

Michelle & Lorne Bain

Jerry Smith

Tom Link

Patricia & Charles Shepard

Carolyn & Sam Cruse

Judy & John Hutchison

Melinda & James McMichael

Virginia & Paul Stubbs

Joyce Zarsky

Robin Cash

Martha & Doug Thomson

Joyce & Jack Warner

Ruthann & Jay Askew

Ann & Jim Downing

Linda Ayres

Nancy Sylvester

Bonnie & Jerry Lange

Krik Michaux

Don Jagger

Roy Johnson

Flip Whitworth


Gela Olsen

Lynn & David Noonan, Sr.

Carolyn & Jay Vanderwall

Mildred Honsbruch

Penny & Junior Malburg

Betty Osborne

Juana & Larry Carter

Shirley & Kenneth Ford

Patricia Knox

Jeanne and Gerald Pees

Jan & Gary Pickle

Sally & William Russ

Gloria Schmidt

Pamela Armstrong

Sherry & Michael Lessner

Charles McMichael

Alix Thorne

Gaile & Ed Withers

Janie & Ben Breed

Billie & David Notzon

Lynn & Don Roberts

Ann & Harry Berry

Betty Hooker

Ann & Don Ford

Carol Booth

Geraldine Hopson

Frieda & Rick Marek

Tricia McNamara

Marilyn Nelson

Lila Pond

Pat Wyche


Barbara & Alan Greenberg

Judy & John Barry

Ann & David Breiner

Pat & Burgess Buchanan

Dawn & Duane Bucklin

Kay & Ray Coley

Bennie & Jack Crum

Beverly & Raymond Dooley

Teresa Gibson

June Housman & John Eaves

William McNinch

Nell & Danny Ponder

Anita Rager

Sue & Bert Resweber

Sherry & Larry Smith

Robert Sornsen

Debby & Mike Tibbetts

Gail Essex

Dian Hansen

Metha Kester

Pamela & Nick Gotten

Laverle & Floyd Ellis

Kathleen Howard

Sandra Howard

Jeanne & Joseph Meinert

Denise & Paul Nicholson

Marion & Jerry Brown

Jeanie & Bill Garver

Sally & Jim Wiggins

Phyllis Sharp