Rawson Saunders is departmentalized and individualized

Rawson Saunders School is an academically excellent, fully accredited independent school for students with dyslexia. Rawson Saunders is the only school in central Texas of its kind, and one of just a handful in the country. The school is recognized internationally as a leader in innovative, multisensory teaching methods tailored specifically to the way students with dyslexia learn.
Rawson Saunders is fully departmentalized.

Our teachers are experts in the individual subjects they teach from core classes—ALT, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies/History, STEM—to specials and electives—Art, Athletics, Drama, Music, Social-Emotional Learning, and more!

Each student's schedule is highly individualized.

A student's daily schedule is individualized to their learning level and pace.

Students change classrooms and teachers throughout the day.

Each class is taught by a teacher that is an expert in their subject area. Moving from class to class has the added benefit of allowing students to stretch their legs and get some fresh air between classes.

Teacher to student ratios are low, allowing for maximum instruction and interaction. 

Academic Language Therapy (ALT) instruction is typically two students to one teacher. All of our classes maintain small teacher to student ratios to ensure optimal teacher engagement, individualized instruction, and student participation. 

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Our small class sizes ensure optimal teacher engagement, individualized instruction and student participation.

2:1 ALT
2-7:1 Math
8:1 Core Classes