Parent Association



Every parent is automatically a member of the Parent Association!



Parent participation is a vital part of the success of Rawson Saunders. The strong sense of community at our school grows from the many parents who are committed to building an extraordinary experience at Rawson Saunders for the students, the families and the entire staff.

Supporting these gifted children and their teachers creates unique opportunities to have fun and builds strong bonds with other families. Our dedication to the school shows our children that we stand behind them, and it is incredibly rewarding.

Thank you for your support!


PA Board

Thank you to our 2019-2020 PA Board!

President: Kim Domo
Vice President: Pam Kelly
Treasurer: Whitney Withers
SecretaryBrie Marek
Communications: Mindy Noonan



PA Meetings

These meetings are open to all parents! Each meeting will feature a parent topic of interest. Meetings and topics will be announced in the weekly Rawson Saunders newsletter sent to all parents.

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Ready to Get Involved?

Click through our volunteer opportunities below!


We're here to help! Please feel free to email a PA board member with any questions. Or if you'd like to volunteer, email a committee chair in any of the Get Involved tabs. Just click a name to email!


What the PA does...

The PA funded the new Raptor visitor security system for the 2019-2020 school year!

The Parent Association hosts fabulous family socials, provides Parent Topic presentations by guest speakers at PA meetings, sponsors the school's Fall Fest, offers Spirit Wear and Spirit Gear sales, and showers teachers with appreciation events throughout the year. Funds are also raised for the school to be put toward faculty professional development and the school's Library World subscription. 


As the RS Parent Association, our goal is to:

  • Further connect parents, especially new parents by welcoming them to Rawson Saunders
  • Encourage parent support of our school, teachers, and children by offering opportunities to participate and volunteer in meaningful PA meetings and events
  • Inform parents, but not overwhelm them, by coordinating PA and school communications

The Parents Association shall support the School's philosophy, programs, and activities for the benefit of all students. The Parents Association shall facilitate communication and parent education as well as encourage and coordinate volunteerism. The Parents Association shall foster a spirit of inclusion, partnership, community, and cooperation.


Ambassador Parents

Advisory classes have 5 to 12 same-grade students which meet with Teacher Advisors in the morning for attendance and again in the afternoon for homework, team building, or other scheduled activities. Ambassador Parents will coordinate with the Teacher Advisors and communicate with fellow parents:

  • Fun advisory and grade-specific events such as field trips (driving volunteers may be needed), holiday parties, and student & teacher birthdays
  • Requests for volunteers for school-wide and grade-specific events, including fundraising events
  • Parent Association information as needed
  • The Ambassador Parent will also reach out to and welcome any new families entering the grade
Stay tuned for the 2020-2021 Ambassador Parent List

If you're interested in becoming an Advisory Class Parent, please email Tabitha Griffin.