Middle School

Rawson Saunders Middle School builds confidence, independence, and self-advocacy skills for dyslexic learners in grades 6-8. Rawson Saunders' Middle School provides a solid foundation for dyslexic learners' future academic success. 
  • Each student's schedule is highly customized, meeting students where they are at academically, and enabling them to progress as quickly and successfully as possible.
  • All classes are taught by teachers that are experts in the subjects that they teach and are taught in the ways that dyslexic learners learn best.
  • Teacher to student ratios are low—allowing for optimal teacher engagement, individualized instruction, and student participation. 

Middle School Curriculum

All Rawson Saunders middle school students' daily schedules are built around Academic Language Therapy (ALT) and math. Students also attend daily Language Arts, social studies, and  STEM classes as well as specials, electives, lunch, morning break, and recess. Middle School students are also offered a variety of after school programming including team sports and clubs. 



Extra Curricular

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Our small class sizes ensure optimal teacher engagement, individualized instruction and student participation.

2:1 ALT
2-7:1 Math
8:1 Core Classes