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Multisensory Teaching Methods

Multisensory teaching techniques engage all the pathways of learning—visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic—and enhance receptiveness, working memory, and retention. At Rawson Saunders, multisensory instruction in all subjects, including our renowned, fully integrated ALT program for reading remediation, is what we do best. Multisensory strategies are not only essential for dyslexic students’ success in school, studies show that all children learn best from this type of instruction.


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In addition to extracurricular team sports. our students can sing-up for a variety of after school programming including: art, music, robotics, choir, theater and more. Check out our latest offerings here



First grade students using iPads and headphones

All Rawson Saunders students participate in the world-wide Hour of Code event each year.

Rawson Saunders students are taught to be skillful, highly responsible, and confident technology users. Through our tech integration initiatives, we show our students how to make the most of the tools available to them.

Why is technology important for dyslexic students?