Learning their
way. Success by
any measure.

When words
are unlocked,
new worlds
open up.

An emphasis
brings science
and math
into focus.

When minds
are engaged,
learning is

Creativity is
unleashed and
new talents

An extraordinary education for students with dyslexia.

Rawson Saunders is the only full-curriculum school in central Texas for children with dyslexia. Our school is recognized nationally as a leader in innovative teaching methods tailored specifically to the way students with dyslexia learn. Through individualized, multisensory, research-driven instruction within small class sizes, we cultivate our students' strengths while effectively addressing their needs. Rawson Saunders provides a nurturing yet academically challenging environment through which bright students with dyslexia can develop to their fullest potential. Our students graduate prepared for success.

RSI is a teacher-training center and resource for those interested in learning our research-based, multisensory approach to teaching essential language skills to students with learning difficulties.

Success Starts Here.
Children with dyslexia are intelligent, creative, outside-the-box thinkers with a wide range of natural aptitudes. The world needs these vibrant minds and when provided with the right learning environment to reach their true potential, these children will grow to be among our greatest innovators, scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers, artists, athletes, and more. They are our future Albert Einsteins, Steven Hawkings, Steve Jobs, Richard Bransons, Erin Brockovichs, Steven Spielbergs, Anderson Coopers, Ann Bancrofts, Walt Disneys, Eleanor Roosevelts…

Dyslexic? You’re in Good Company...

Albert Einstein Steve Jobs John Irving Leonardo da Vinci George Clooney Beethoven Tim Tebow Stephen Hawking Richard Branson Richard Ford Pablo Picasso Robin Williams Mozart Greg Louganis Carol Greider Agatha Christie Jackson Pollock Jack Nicholson John Lennon Nolan Ryan Erin Brockovich Beryl Benacerraf Anne Rice Chuck Close Keira Knightley Kurt Cobain Terry Bradshaw Steven Spielberg Philip Schultz Andy Warhol Orlando Bloom Jewel Anderson Cooper Thomas Edison Lewis Carroll Ansel Adams Cher Muhammad Ali Ann Bancroft Nelson Rockefeller Ernest Hemingway Liv Tyler Caitlyn Jenner Walt Disney Alexander Graham Bell F Scott Fitzgerald Tom Cruise Babe Ruth Eleanor Roosevelt Pierre Currie Jules Verne Salma Hayek Winston Churchill Michael Faraday Gustave Flaubert Henry Ford

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A unique coed school offering a broad and challenging new educational program to students from rich cultural backgrounds, grades Pre-K through 12.


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